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For many years, iMedRIS Data Corporation has been the research industry’s best-kept secret. Unsurprisingly, many from the research community are unaware of the fact that iMedRIS is in the thick of the things in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s solutions are being used by all of the healthcare officials as well as government agencies, such as National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality (NIAD), the Department of Defense (DoD), and more. This begs the question: what makes iMedRIS a reliable and strong partner for the organizations in the research market?

“We are a client-centric company that works closely with clients to ensure they have the solutions that make their lives easier,” affirms Mitchell Desmarais, Operations Coordinator at iMedRIS. Rather than resting on the laurels, the company is always exploring avenues to develop new modules that will help researchers complete their work in the most compliant manner. Because it covers all the bases, clients keep coming back to the company for additional features. “We strive to provide our clients an integrated package that will allow them to work in a single UI for greater experience and ease of use,” Desmarais adds.

While there are a plethora of software solutions available for the research community, many of those solutions have limited capabilities and flexibility. As a result, researchers are compelled to follow the software guideline rather than having it follow the research guidelines. Contrastingly, California-based iMedRIS brings to bear its 20 years of experience, expertise and knowledge to meet their needs at scale and provide a flexible environment for customization of the features and functionalities.
As part of its solution, iMedRIS not only provides a number of powerful tools but also trains researchers on leveraging them to the maximum without depending on the technical support team. One such tool is Forms Designer that allows researchers to design and replicate forms into an electronic format. To advance smart form development, the electronic version has been vested with the functions for show/hide visibility that simplifies the users’ task and allows them to have access to the required information with ease. Researchers can build custom workflow specific to their own project needs. iMedRIS’ tools are driven by smart logic and branching rules, so users get only the information that is relevant to them. The research teams, therefore, can streamline the process execution and achieve greater project outcomes. iMedRIS ensures a high level of security that allows administrators to provision users to different areas of the system depending on their role in the organization.
  • We are a client-centric company that works closely with clients to ensure they have the solutions that make their lives easier

Many from the government, healthcare, and higher education industries leverage iMedRIS’s solutions for their unique needs. In one instance, the Department of Veteran Affairs approached iMedRIS for an inventory module. The research solutions company’s team, including software experts and business analysts, had brainstorming sessions with the key stakeholders in the project. Subsequently, the team developed a requirements document that was later developed into a specification document. Working closely with the subject matter expert from the department, iMedRIS developed an engaging solution that perfectly met the requirements.

Apart from its tools, iMedris takes pride in its skilled team of professionals and the management team that has been striving with a singular, client-centric mindset to deliver maximum value. The ISO 27001 certified company continues to provide a unified, collaborative workspace to its clients for better experience. In this journey, the company can be expected to release a new post-approval monitoring module in the next year. iMedRIS is always diligently working to release software and modules needed for all research needs.

iMedRIS Data Corporation

Redlands, CA

Mitchell Desmarais, Operations Coordinator

iMedRIS's competency has played a significant part in its growth. Each client is treated as its own entity, given attention to its specific needs and accommodations. Through this deeply rooted belief, your institution, whether private or public, is able to conduct research without worrying about the "behind the scenes" bits. MedRIS offers state-of-the-art solutions designed to optimize research administration

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